Cannabis for the cure

Cannabis for the Cure

Cannabis for the Cure

A Few Words About Us

Can Cannabis cure cancer?

That is the question. Research and evidence has shown the medical marijuana has remarkable potential and may offer natural cures for cancers.

We want you - to work with us to continue this research.

Working together, we can find a cure for cancers and help save lives.

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What We Offer


Cannabis for the Cure is working with patients, research labs and scientist to find a cure for cancer.


Your donations help fund research and supports those that suffer from cancer.

Join us for our inaugural Cannabis for the Cure™ "Walk in the Park" to raise funds for cancer research.




"The cannabinoid drug THC has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in relieving nausea and vomiting and increasing appetite in people with cancer and AIDS. Testing of other marijuana extracts is still in the early stages."

American Cancer Society

Published Report

"A small early study of CT-3, a substance related to delta-9-THC, looked at people with neuropathic pain (pain related to the nerves of the body). It tested CT-3 against a placebo, and found that patients reported lower pain levels 3 hours after receiving the CT-3 compared with placebo."

American Cancer Society
Published Reports